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release date: 11.Jan.2007

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01 . gruene resonanz
02 . seitendick#3
03 . knochenkraut
04 . 160 mg
05 . stringent#3
06 . disarray

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This new sound output [seroton] of sascha neudeck (biochemist and musician, based in vienna) is to carry out a test by the idea of different drone-interpretations. It is more a collection of different quotations in doing with such these topics. The result is quite different to his previous work, which was more noise- and random-oriented. This new section is quite a try to arrange such these things - from totally abstract elements to poetic narrative parts. Different ideas come out from an abstractness and get into an often sparely melodic part - otherwise a changeover from the lightness of sound into a deep and noise drone, which is interrupted by fragement spikes of sound. Neudeck is working only with software, sinus generators, self produced soundequipment and lately with the sidrassi organ (totally crazy tool). So I am often surprised by the result, when it sounds like a field recording. But when I see, how he works in his nerdy laboratory, I understand that his output can irritate.

[ liner notes by Heribert Friedl / photo by Sascha Neudeck ]