CNV69 | 14.07.2011



01. Blindsight 01

02. Blindsight 02

03. Blindsight 03

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Who was to blame?


there was a pious old man

showing up for rehearsal with a growth

of alienated stubble

botanically inferior to the hardwood

but why should one avoid it

such was the strength of what he called his 'creative fancy'


Another admired this happy accident

as if it were a dirty animal


but it was not all birdsong,

a unified vision produces inevitable quarrels

through the avenues leading to them


There was also a pilgrim

who shunned the common clay of man

it did no harm of course

for he performed topographical loops

according to expectations

(almost certainly)


It was apparent that

none of these setbacks dampened the enthusiasms

of the most determined regular afternoon practice

for it transformed the piece into a standard civic pastoral

affecting every English heart

beside it meant confronting

the force behind the devices

fortunately provided by nature



Jamie Drouin - suitcase modular / shortwave

Lance Austin Olsen - amplified copper plates / objects / floor guitar

Mathieu Ruhlmann - turntable / contact microphone / objects