CNV72 | 14.11.2011



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Originally recorded in september 2008 in brooklyn ny. two hour long room recordings were made on different dates. the events captured in the room recordings were not edited and contain intentional though sproadic actions.  the recordings went through 8 tracks of post production consisting of acoustic guitar and recorded events that happened on a daily basis, that defined the room, the location and my general activities. some examples are a slide projector, a piano board, neighbors in the basement..  in november 2009 these recordings were revisited and the various tracks mainly of guitar had been separated from the folder leaving unlinked files. what was left from the unlinked files are these two recordings being presented now.


The original idea for this work was a conscious document of a place. I was interested in capturing both the room and location sound on a regular day with it's various small events throughout the hour. this was again repeated a different day, different hour, in evening.


Ben Owen, NYC . september 2010