CNV83 | 15.10.2015



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Yesterday I used a radio for the first time. This was an agreeable way, I found, to be convinced that entertainment is available. You hear something that is far away, and the people producing these audible sounds are speaking, as it were, to everyone—in other words they are completely ignorant as to the number and characteristics of their listeners. Among other things, I heard the sports results from Berlin. The person announcing them to me had not an inkling of my listenership or even my existence. I also heard Swiss-German poems being read, which in part I found exceptionally amusing. When a group of people listens to the radio, they naturally stop carrying on conversations. While they are occupied with listening, the art of companionship is, as it were, neglected a little. This is a quite proper, obvious consequence. I and the people sitting beside me heard a cello being played in England. There was something strange and marvelous about this.


Robert Walser - Microscripts

Asher Tuil: microphone, tape recorder, sampler

Recorded in Newton, MA, during the summer of 2014

Thanks to Miguel Angel Tolosa