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Sijis 021 . 2008

Ubeboet (Miguel Angel Tolosa), Juan José Calarco and Pablo Reche are renowned artists, active in the district characterized by the use of drones and ambiences that, in general, tend to the hauntingly mesmerizing spectrum of the sonic frequencies. Biesi (“demons” in the Russian idiom) doesn’t contain elements that might be defined “groundbreaking”, and the piece itself is not really unpredictable. Still, the composition is worthwhile exactly for this nearly complete immutability, an unremitting accumulation of hazy apparitions and whooshing whispers intimidating as a pre-storm black sky. In truth, there’s nothing here that made me envision ghosts or evil spirits; the ocean’s distant rumbling 'n' washing is what this composition mostly tends to sound like. A voice which, no matter how frequently one listens to it, constitutes the foundation of humans’ determination to remain alive.

(massimo ricci, temporary fault)

Madrid base sound artist and manager of the Conv label Miguel Ángel Tolosa (aka Ubeboet), Juan José Calarco based in Buenos Aires and experimental artist Pablo Reche who lives in the province of Buenos Aires, make this collaboration. Ubeboet posted some files on the web for Reche and Calarco and they work separately on them adding their own sounds that were send them back to Ubeboet who completed the final mix and mastering. The UK Sijis netlabel released this EP. Twenty minutes drone section piece ‘Biesi’ consist in field recordings of see wave sounds and on top of them the artists add layers of processed sounds, murky hum like and subsonic pulsations, creating hazy atmospheres.

(guillermo escudero, loop.cl)

The final new release is a collaboration between Miguel Angel Tolosa (ubeboet), Juan Jose Calarco and Pablo Reche, who take the Russian idea of Biesi - demons - who act as part of life, rather than something from another life. I have no idea wether this was recorded through mail or in person. They seem to be using field recordings of a rather flowing, vague kind. Machines? Motors? Ventilators? Any of those will probably do. Slowly the web thickens as more and more field recordings and derivations thereof come in. Just when you think the sound dies out, things return for a creepy ending of the proceedings. Nice one too.

(frans de waard, vital weekly)